Dessert before Dinner

September 20, 2010

Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? 🙂 Well, you can have that on October 1st at 6:30 pm if you come to my Nashville concert!

Maggie Moo’s will cater the event set in a comfy, castle-like hall in Franklin. The address is 4409 Ivan Creek, Franklin, TN.

There is no set admission, however, you are welcome to throw something in the hat, as I’m pulling together funds for my upcoming German audition tour. Love to see you there!


Check your bed…and your cup

September 13, 2010

For those of you who grew up in the country, you understand why someone might say, “Check your covers before getting in bed”. For those of you not from the country, let me edumacate you. This was a nightly ritual to insure you had neither spiders, nor roaches, nor scorpions or some other awful critter waiting for you between the sheets. I have now lived out of the country a multitude of years, and therefore do not check my bed every night…we waste money on a monthly basis for someone in a work outfit to come out to the house and spray for those little critters. I used to do it myself, but I hate doing it. Anyway, I digress.

Back to the story. When one leaves the country, one seems to forget about doing such a thing as there normally aren’t bugs in your bed in suburbia or the city (as is evidenced by my above story). Anyway out of the country you’re safe except for…wait for it…wait…NEW YORK CITY!!!! How’d you ever guess!

You better check your bed every night. I don’t care if you are clean and are in a nice place, you don’t know how your neighbors live and since their critters have to have somewhere to go, you become their favorite family destination.

But don’t just check your bed. You better check your cup, as I learned today. I’m staying in a very nice apartment in Inwood. My host is very clean, barely cooks in the kitchen, sprays roach spray and yet? The kitchen is full of them. Apparently the apartment next door is too full of them so they are moving into his place. Well, this evening, I looked into my cup of water to find (long pause, please wait with bated breath) a roach swimming in it. Yes, folks. A roach in my water cup. And apparently this is a new trend in this apartment. My host experienced the same thing as he went to take a drink out of his water bottle, he noticed a swimming little something.

So a word of warning when you come to New York City…pretend you’re in the country. Check for bugs in the bed, bugs in your cup and piles of crap left by different animals on the path.