Wilkommen in Deutschland

October 15, 2010

I have arrived in Germany. My 3rd day here and I think I’ve gotten over the jetlag for the most part. Ambien is a fantastic creation!

I lived in Germany for 2 years, so I understand the culture pretty well, but a return after several years has reminded me of things that I have forgotten. So I’ll share a few of them over the next few days.

Day 1: Kleenex
In America, we buy big boxes of Kleenex and put them everywhere in our house. Not so here. In Germany, you buy your own small, personal package of Kleenex…and you take them everywhere!!! See, there is something about this place that makes your nose run every single time you go inside after being outside when the temperature falls to the 60’s and below. I have never blown my nose more than I have in this country. I mean, I’ve lived in some cold places in my life, but it would ever occur to me to carry around a package of Kleenex. But here! Gooodneeees!

Here it’s not considered rude to blow your nose in front of other people (thank goodness!) otherwise we’d all be running to the other room every 2 seconds to blow our nose. It is considered polite just to turn your head slightly, blow profusely and return to your conversation.

And because this product is so needed, the Germans have perfected the art of the Kleenex. Those things are thick! I mean, I can use that thing 10 times before I have to throw it out! Watch out if you borrow a jacket from someone, because you will find a used Kleenex in the pocket. They have also streamlined (like the good Germans they are) the process so much that they are really cheap. You can buy a package of 20 small packages for a buck! That’s the cheapest thing in this country…too bad you can’t eat them…hmmmm….

Certainly would be a cheap gift for all of you, but alas, we don’t really need them.


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