Why Opera Singers Are Crazy

November 21, 2010

You try looking for work every 3 weeks of your life and pay for the priveledge to sing for these people out your own pocket. Try being in a job where you are only as good as the last note you sang. Try being in a job where one person tells you you are the next big thing and then the next you’re told not to quit your day job. Try being in a job where you travel by train to Vienna, fly out afterwards to Hannover so you can take a train to Bielefeld and after that on your way to…wait… Where am I going? Who am I? What did I come here to do? What country am I in? Did I leave my phone on the last train? Whew…no. But I left my book in the taxi…with my German rail pass in it. What bed am I in? Who is waiting for me when I open the door today? Do I need to show my passport or is my driver’s license enough? Oh, the room I’m staying in tonight at the booked out hotel is a smoking room, and I requested a non smoking room because I have an audition tomorrow, but they can’t move me. Oh, the house you put me up has cats?…that’s nice…except that I specifically requested not to have cats because I’m allergic. Oh, thank you so much for making me breakfast of french toast and maple syrup. While I love it, I mentioned that I’m allergic to sugar and wheat so I actually can’t eat any of this fantastic food that you have just put before my grumbling belly. What friend can I call to see if I can crash at their place for a few days for an audition? Who haven’t I bothered in awhile? You get off an airplane in a country that does not have water fountains and are taken directly to the theater, and there’s no water to be found. Your bed at the hotel was a board with some fluffy stuff on top of it. The plane you booked is not the plane you thought you booked because your brain was running crazy with everything else in your life and you booked out of the wrong city. So a last minute expensive change gets you to where you are going 3 hours late. You stumble into your hotel room at 1 and hope that the notes that once lived in your body can still find a way out after that day. The eyes close…

…and the alarm goes off to start over again…


One Response to “Why Opera Singers Are Crazy”

  1. Steve Dickman Says:

    Really poignant and beautifully written. You really are an extraordinary writer!

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