November 22, 2010

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why has Sarah taken a picture of a toilet and chosen to write about it?”…well, unless you’ve read this blog for awhile, and then this doesn’t strike you as odd in anyway shape or form (wuhahahahaha…you’re turning just as weird as I am!). I’m realizing that I have a fascination with toilets and things that go in toilets (for other posts on the subject click here, here, here, here, here, here. (Holy you-know-what, I write a lot about this stuff)) I know, I swore over a year ago I leave the subject, but this is just too good. Anyway, back to the toilet.

I must say, the Germans do many things very, very well. But I think something happened when the platform toilet was created (disclaimer: before my German friends bite my head off, these are old toilets. The new ones are not like this and many people have already traded them out). See, it’s a little difficult to see in this picture, but the vast white space is actually a platform that sits about 3-4 inches below the seat of the toilet (I could’ve taken a picture with something in there to give you a better idea, but I figured that would go a little too far). And the…er…anything that goes into the toilet sits as if on display on the platform. No need for details, because, well, we all have imaginations.

Because these sorts of things fascinate me, I have discussed the platform toilet with other non-Germans, and I have been given 2 endearing names for the German porcelain god. (if you’re not a fan of crassness, you may end your reading now)

From Bill, my dear Scottish friend: The SS Toilet – S#*t and Show
From my voice teacher’s friend: The Poo and View

And I think I’ll leave it at that…
Side note: first experience with such a toilet was at my host family’s house way back in the day when I lived here as an exchange student. I had just arrived and took a little visit to the loo…and almost fell over from laughter when I saw what would be my throne for the next 10 months. I won’t share all the thoughts and jokes and bad scenarios that went through my head…again, you have an imagination. But at the soonest opportunity, I called my brother about it (he’d been there 6 years earlier as an exchange student) because being a man, he was fascinated with all those types of things…and from that point on, it was always an inside joke…so now, every time I see a platform toilet, I think of my brother – and laugh. I’m sure he’s looking down laughing with me.


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