Will we make it?

February 21, 2011

I was in New York last week, and as expected, I have stories.

Fewer than 10 minutes into my New York experience, I was ready to post.

I arrived 2 hours late into the city (surprise) and decided that taking public transportation at 11pm was not my idea of fun when I had at least an hour and half commute in front of me. So I grabbed a cab. A minivan cab pulled up, and I jumped in. We pulled out onto Grand Central, and I immediately noticed something was awry. I felt my hair moving in the wind, but noticed that all the windows were up and the doors were supposedly closed. Hmmmmm… Red flag #1.

I then noticed how loud the cab was…as in, it sounded as if every panel of that thing was about to fall off and leave us sitting only in our chairs on the chassis connected to tires that would roll to a slow stop as the engine and other parts went in different directions. Red flag #2

While contemplating my fate, I took a little looky-loo over at the dash. See, I kind of have an obsession with knowing how fast my driver is going, whether with a friend, on a public bus or in a cab. My OCD mind must know. But before I made my way to the speedometer, my eyes were accosted by every single, dadgum warning light that could be possibly be lit on a dashboard! I’m not kidding! Everything was lit up. It was like a fire had erupted on the dash! I knew at that point that if I made it to Inwood, it would be a miracle…and then I thought that it was a miracle that I was evening praying that I would make it to that god-forsaken land! 2 more red flags!!!

And the speedometer? Oh yeah. 70 miles an hour on the Triboro (er…uh…I mean…the RFK).

I was out of red flags by then. All I had left were my prayers.