It’s cold, but I’m singing!

July 24, 2011

Rain. High of 65. That’s been the past couple of days. But, honestly, I can’t really complain considering most of the US is sweltering in above 100 degree heat.

This past week was absolutely amazing. I sang on the orchestral concert in the Rigoletto quartet, and had an absolute blast. The conductor was amazing. It’s very rare that you work with a conductor who so cares about the singers. I congratulated him and thanked him afterwards, and he responded with, “Oh no! Thank you! It is so fun working with you singers.” And he actually meant it! Normally the conductor wants to kill us! But he was really fantastic. I’d work with him any day.

This week is the next orchestral concert, on which I’ll be singing “Assisa a pie d’un salice” from Rossini’s Otello. I’m excited to be working with Met conductor Joseph Colaneri. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s goes.

Other than that, I’m singing on a master class tomorrow with Kathleen Kelly, the Studienleiter (head coach) for the Vienna State Opera and will be auditioning for more agents in the next weeks and preparing for the Meistersinger Competition.

I am very pleased with how this summer has gone. I’ve gained more experience and had more fun that I had ever expected!


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