Dirty Windows

November 14, 2011

Look at these pictures. Do you see anything particular about them?

I didn’t either. But…

Germans are very particular about their windows. Well, they’re particular about a lot of things in their lives, but next to the condition of the air and always having a kleenex available at a moment’s notice, the Germans are inordinately preoccupied with the cleanliness of their windows.

A German friend came home and within the first 36 hours of being home mentioned how dirty the windows were at least 4 times. Um, really? It’s not like they’re are covered in mud or something. But in all the years I’ve lived here, there is an unhealthy preoccupation with the windows.

She even told me that her neighbors probably gossip about how dirty her windows are. I told her that 4 of my windows got lucky in the Spring when I decided to clean them. The rest? Well, like most American windows, haven’t been touched since the house was built.

Now if you Germans had screens, perhaps your windows wouldn’t get so dirty, eh?


2 Responses to “Dirty Windows”

  1. Katharina Persicke Says:

    Sooo, after all these “nice” stories about my home and us germans, I finally start to feel a tiny little bit discriminated ….
    Sarah, behave yourself!!!!!:-) And for all you americans who don`t know us:WE ARE FUN!!!!!!!

  2. kensajolaw Says:

    Hahaha!!! Yes, for all my jesting at my German friends, Kathi and Gunnar are definitely the most fun Germans on the planet! And Kathi, I washed my windows today in honor of you:).

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