When I started this blog, I was an opera singer living in New York City. Now I’m an opera singer who lives wherever I get work…and when I don’t have work, I split my time between Nashville and New York. At first, this started as funny stories about NYC because, although I have traveled extensively in my life, nothing could prepare me for NYC. New York is a different country. People visit here from abroad and think this is what the US is like, but New York belongs to some other world.

I’ve never gotten the blogging thing, but my husband urged me to start one because of my crazy New York and opera stories that I share on nearly a daily basis. He is also tired of fielding questions from friends back home about how I am doing. If people really care, they can come to the blog.

In addition to singing opera, I’m a die hard football fan, though the past few seasons have been rough as I’m a 49er and Nebraska Cornhusker fan. I don’t care too much about the NBA except my beloved Spurs. I’m not a bandwagon girl, I’ve rooted for them since 1994. I’m also a lindy hopper. My husband and I have been teaching and dancing together for several years.

That’s about all. If you like the blog, let me know. If you don’t, then keep it to yourself!


5 Responses to “About Me and the Blog”

  1. Kathi Says:

    Es ist soooo wunderbar von dir zu lesen und ich habe sooo sehr lachen müssen! Habe jetzt bis anfang feb kein telefon aber dann können wir wieder sprechen, juhu! sei feste umarmt von deiner Kathi, die sehr viel an dich gedacht hat in den letzten Wochen

  2. I love your fun stories and am happy Tim encouraged you to start a blog! (Have I already told you that?) Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  3. kensajolaw Says:

    Thanks, peachy:) I try to keep them coming

  4. Aunt Jeane Says:

    Hey Sarah, your mom said you had a blog but she forgot to give it to me while i was visiting so i typed in your name and found it. I had a real nice visit with your folks. I hope you and Tim are doing well.

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