Chihuly at Night

June 21, 2010

Anyone who tries to say that Nashville is not cultured is sorely mistaken. Is it New York? No. But what other city in the world is? But who wants another New York anyway?! 🙂 But Nashville has a great bit of culture. Take, for example, the fact that Nashville has been overrun by Dale Chihuly’s art. His work is indoors at the Frist Center, it was in Nashville Opera’s Bluebeard’s Castle and is also on display outdoors at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

Cheekwood is staying open late on Thursdays and Fridays so Chihuly’s art can be viewed at night under the lights. So, wanting to be cultured, Tim and I went with some friends Friday night. This is when I learned that Nashville truly is cultured. The line to get into the gardens rivaled Disney World! All the parking spots were gone so they were “arranging new ones” i.e. grass and dirt (Max did some off-roading. He was awesome!). It took us over 20 minutes to get in and park for a place that usually takes 2 minutes tops. People were out in droves, even in the “horrendous heat” (come on folks, Texas has it worse than we do).

Way to go Nashville! I have even more pride for my lovely city of Nashville.